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Born 1969 in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia in a musical family following his parents into the profession as a consequence of being inspired by their motivation and creative enthusiasm. This background appeared fertile for his nurturing talent to be developed.The young childhood was given enough opportunities appropriate to be in a creative line of his public performing and attending concerts of outstanding classical artists, being affected in unexpected ways. All of this in fusion with his birthplace natural surroundings impact drew his inspiration and set his composition

and interpretation abilities in motion.

 In the course of his study at the Conservatory in Zilina, Slovakia he focused on the field

of study -playing piano and conducting.He finds fundamental to study piano under thepianist, professor Dubenova Dagmar who was specialas

to fostering his musical abilities. “She expected high standards

of musical execution but recognized the core pieces mastered for my taste, took my hint and thanks

to her approval I was allowed to practice what shifted me further. This lady was the sort of an enormously smart woman. Great Thanks again! “ remembers Juraj towards studying in Zilina.

This was the time to compose his first jazzing up being linkedthe classical music resulting in the first public production in arange of Slovak festivals. Hitting the mark sounded the premier of Concert for Drums and Piano being successfully performed

in the Concert Hall of the State Chamber Orchestra in Zilina.

 The year of 1987 launched the formation of the band MADRE, comprised of Robert Jurco-keyboards, Jaroslav Stulrajter-bass, Martin Sevcik-drums

and Lubomir Kianicka-sax, being focused on modern jazz and jazz-rock. In the course of its two-year existence, the band earned

a range of acknowledgements but gradually Madre drops its original lineup and trio J.Tatar-piano, Roman Muska-bass and Martin Sevcik-drums remains. An intensive touring program of newly arisen band is taken within Czechoslovakia. Juraj recording’s appreciation by celebrity of resonance such as Herbie Hancock at their private appointment on occasion of BJD made a strong motivation towards a junior pianist.

Being graduated from the Conservatory in Zilina, Juraj enters the Music Academy in Bratislava-the field of study appears conducting-and follows

the career of pianist, cembalist and organist, commissioned by Slovak and foreign musical bodies.

The scale of over 300 operas, oratories, choires and chamber arts being performed covers this period.

 The year of 1993 makes Juraj‘s manager Lucian Gontko release a debut CD MADRE meeting a great success, including Chick Corea´s congratulations towards this achievement. Outstanding performances of Juraj Bartos, Stepan Markovic, Juraj Griglak, Cyril Zelenak and co-founder Martin Sevcik being featured on this CD are following this success in festivals in Zilina, Bratislava and BJD.

His reputation is to take knock and he achieves hiring with singers of the status of jazz and rock stars, namely Peter Lipa and Pavol Habera, with both of them Juraj has been sharing the musical line of business since 1995. The latter cooperation portfolio with significant Czech and Slovak interprets such as Richard Muller, Janek Ledecky, Lucei Bila,Iveta Bartosova, Peter Dvorsky, Karel Gott, Jana Kirschner, Team defines his prowess to set and revive

the particular standards of quality. In 1995 fresh arrangements and catchy tunes are being created for the profile CD TIME of the sax player

Stepan Markovic under recording label belonging to BMG. This year delivers the Pavol Habera project on Christmas - “Svet lasku má” - and Juraj’s arrangements are aiming at this work-of-art. Relevant cooperation with outstandingPeter Dvorsky, Karel Gott and Ondrej Lenard conducting

the Slovak Philharmony. Exacting pieces of music are occurred in Juraj’ s share on musicals Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

and Cyrano.The band Madre has still an important role to play and concerts, festivals and shows telecast prove this by newly-comprised trio

Juraj Tatar, Juraj Griglak and Emil Fratrik.

 The full recognition of jazz effort shows to be a highly original album CD MADRE-IBACHUR \1998\  covering a piece of electric guitar passage

by the special guest, the legendary music maker,  Jan Hammer underscoring every jazz freak. The sustainable level of jazz spirit is being kept

by rendition of compositions for Juraj Griglak, the bassist, available on CD Bass Friends, displaying exceptional musicians being involved such as:

Juraj Griglak, Ron Affif, Matas Jakabcic, Juraj Bartos, Rudolf Brezina, Frantisek Karnok, Andrea Valentini, Oldrich Petras and Martin Valihora.

 The recent jazz creativity reflects CD Bukake Jazz being recorded by Bukake band, live performances with Victor Bailey and Poogie Bell.

Jazz formation Bukake keeps their back up due to lasting and indispensable cooperation of partners Martin Gaspar - bass, Marcel Buntaj - drums

and J.Tatar - keyboards and currently concentrates on concerts in Bukake Jazz Show.

The continuous line of playing and recording with Pavol Habera, Team band, Peter Lipa and other bands remains.

 Juraj accepted an invitation to join cooperation with Peter Cmorik, the Slovak Superstar / same kind of show like American Idol

competition / finalist and in common with Bukake band involving Juraj Kupec have made a debut Wonderful Day that started a strong drive and breaking records in the salability rate.

 Background of musical bodies, artists and countries, Juraj stemmed from, in alphabetical order:

Capella Istropolitana, Slovak Philharmony, Slovak Philharmonic Choir, Slovak Chamber Choir, Slovak Chamber Orchestra, SLUK. Anna K, Adamov Peter, Andršt Luboš, Antalík Dušan, Bailey Victor, Balata Marek, Bartoš Juraj, Bartošová Adriena, Bartošová Iveta, Bell David, Bell Poogie, Bílá Lucie,

Bína Zdeněk, Buntaj Marcel, Březina Rudolf, Burian Juraj, Capella Istropolitana, Danková Andrea, Denes Betty, Dočekal Milan, Dubasová Beata,

Ďurdina Martin, Dvorský Peter, Farkašová Beata, Figallo Andrea, Frátrik Emil, Gašpar Martin, Gass Cory, Gladiš Dan, Graves Tonya, Griglák Juraj,

Gott Karel, Hank Sabina, Habera Pavol, Hammel Pavol, Hammer Jan, Hasprová Katarína, Haščáková Barbara, Hidvéghy Viktor, Húščava Dušan,

Jakabčic Matúš, Josifoská Silvia, Karnok František, Kerndl Ladislav, Kerndlová Tereza, Kirschner Jana, Konrád Ondrej, Koubková Jana, Kovalčík Michal, Kress Fritz, Kundlák Jozef, Kupec Juraj, Ledecký Janek, Lipa Peter, Lenárt Ondrej, Lužinská Lucia, Machálková Leona, Marček Ivan, Markovič Štepán, Muller Richard, Nicol McLoud, Palúch Stano, Parchel Anca, Petráš Oldrich, Popovič Anton, Priehradník Lubor, Procházka Boboš, Procházka Pavol,

Rist Róbert, Robin Ruggero, Rósza Oskar, Rusek Marek, Salva Tadeáš, Šeban Andrej, Ševcík Martin, Slivka Peter, Šoralová Lucia, Solárik Peter, Spak David, Stivín Jiří, Swensson Johan, Szabo Igor, Tariška Radovan, Tóth Henry, Valanský Branislav, Válek Ivan, Valihora Martin, Winkler Richard, Zajko Martin, Zeleňák Cyril, Žáček Michal...

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